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The Univeristy of Ulster encourages applications from students and will advise young people who have been looked after by their Local Authority in foster or residential care. If you are leaving care or have previously spent time in care and are thinking of applying to the University, there is a range of services and provision that the University of Ulster can offer you. For example, we may be able to provide financial support, year round accommodation and advice and guidance from our Student Support Outreach Advisor.

It is important to remember, when applying to the University through UCAS, make sure you tick the box which asks if you have been in care. This will enable us to contact you at the application stage and give you more information about the support we can provide. If your application is not made through UCAS, make sure you contact our Student Support Outreach Advisor who will guide you through any application process.


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University of Ulster Goes the Extra Mile

UK Quality Accolade For University Student Aid Scheme

University of Ulster receives Quality Mark for Care Leavers in Higher Education.

Frank Buttle

Gerri McAndrew, Chief Executive of the Buttle UK says: "Ulster is the first University in Northern Ireland to achieve the award and it will ensure that care leavers have the same educational opportunities as other young people."

"Ulster's commitment will enable these students to fulfil their potential and achieve their educational goals."